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Kicked because of VPN - Maffi - 09-22-2018

Sorry if this is not the right place, i didnt know any section i could post this in.

For some reason when i play your servers i get kicked because apparently i use a VPN. This is an issue i am having in many servers using IW4MAdmin. Now i didn't set any up, i use a connection provided by a University Structure. 

I was told by the Devs that i should write to the Admins of each server i am kicked from to have my IP Whitelisted. Can you help me guys?

RE: Kicked because of VPN - Sunny2456 - 09-23-2018

Hey Maffi, we'll look into finding a way to whitelist you Smile

RE: Kicked because of VPN - Sunny2456 - 09-24-2018

Hey Maffi, so we are unable to whitelist specific ip's in our current setup. Are you able to join other people's servers?

Also surprising to see you say you have a VPN considering you connect from the same ip every single time.

RE: Kicked because of VPN - Maffi - 09-25-2018

yeah i have no idea why it does that, as far as i know my complex didn't change connection. Also sometimes i can connect just fine but sometimes i get kicked. 
the devs told me that only in the most recent versions of IW4MAdmin it was possible to whitelist specific IPs. I'll see if it's an issue on my side 

p.s. thank you for trying   Blush

RE: Kicked because of VPN - Sunny2456 - 09-26-2018

We're in the middle of switching to b3 so maybe we can whitelist you there?

RE: Kicked because of VPN - Maffi - 09-26-2018

sure, although i don't know what that is