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Banned for NO reason
Banned on: HC 24/7 Nuketown
-game name:
Banned by: MARTY (for no reason)

Time of ban: Around 12:00, 16 minutes ago.

Marty's Reasoning: Thinks im using ESP

Comments: Ive been playing on this server for a very long time, Ive never hacked and never plan on it. Marty if you think me killing someone through a wall is me hacking you should take note, its an HC server 99% of the players are spraying through walls looking for kills, also the reason you banned me is probably because i killed a player through that window from the middle of the map. I would like to speak to someone to get this resolved. I was never hacking and I never will hack. I was unrightfully banned by an admin that watched me for 5 seconds. 

If anyone is reading this I would like to discuss the situation further, also not to mention the fact that Marty is banning people based off of his first sight, you should always verify and have some proof that Im cheating in the first place. I guess being a skilled player isnt allowed these days. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and reach out. Have a good one!

Also this makes me so mad because MARTY never once warned me or said anything, Just because I get kills doesnt mean im hacking lol. I cant even imagine what its like for players that are better than me hah. Probably lost 90% of the good players that come around on this server. If youre solely basing this BS ban off of ONE wallbang, then you are moderating the wrong server Marty. Ive never once seen you or spoken to you and I dont plan to. Youre banning people out of your ass for no absolute reason.

Cleared, unbanned - server spec error for player position update
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