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Real Name: Kordic Rolfe

In-Game Name: Insomnia

Age: 22

Country: Canada

Discord Tag:

Steam Username: Insomnia

What game are you applying for?: mw2

How often do you play on our servers per week?: i recently just found out about this server, but i will be playing for about 3 to 4 hours everyday after work, and on weekends.

Why are you interested in joining us?: i love hc mode and the people on the server are really friendly.

Would you help pay for the servers?:Yes i would if it came down to it!!

Anything else we should know about you?:
Approved! Welcome to [BB] Please edit your name in iw4x to add the tag!

[Image: tumblr_o3u1dfzTqN1v9ez4qo1_500.gif]
Please read the Help Docs before contacting me.
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