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Real Name: Ryan

In-Game Name: Hulkcore

Age: 34

Country: USA

Discord Tag: Hulkcore

Steam Username:

What game are you applying for?: MW2

How often do you play on our servers per week?: As often as they are populated, and I regularly sit in them for a while if they are empty to try to get them populated. I play a little bit almost every day, and I'm either in your servers or NN servers depending on where people are.

Why are you interested in joining us?: Main goal is to be an admin since often when I play there aren't any on. Would like to help enforce rules and keep people from noobtoobing, etc...

Would you help pay for the servers?: highly unlikely

Anything else we should know about you?:  Not that I can think of. I will say, I think you should switch the Terminal server to Skid Row to pull people from the NN servers. Their Skid Row server is often full, and I've talked with a few players there who prefer hc and would play a hc Skid row server.
The next time the members meet we will vote on your application. Thank you for applying!

I vote +1

[Image: tumblr_o3u1dfzTqN1v9ez4qo1_500.gif]
Please read the Help Docs before contacting me.

I would like to hear from the rest of the clan before a decision is official. Thank you for your patience.
+1 Have played with you a ton of times man
Approved. Add [BB] to your in-game name please.

Welcome to bandwidth bandits Hulkcore!
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