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Member Application
Real Name: Ahmir

In-Game Name: Artifact

Age: 18

Country: Philadelphia 

Discord Tag: Kämpfer#2947

Steam Username:

What game are you applying for?: [b]BO2 // Pluto, MW2 // IW4X

How often do you play on our servers per week?: Most days

Why are you interested in joining us?: Fun people to be around. Plus no one likes being a cheater on cod.

Would you help pay for the servers?: Maybe

Anything else we should know about you?: I clearly use aimbot and esp :p

good app +1
+1. Seems like a decent human being.
+1 sounds good man
yeah idk he sucks at BO2 Sniping, went from 3rd place to off the leaderboard. rip. ~1

Approved. Please add the [BB] tag in game! Welcome to the family son Wink


[Image: tumblr_o3u1dfzTqN1v9ez4qo1_500.gif]
Please read the Help Docs before contacting me.
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