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Hiya Everybody !
Hey all, Sunny here. You'll probably recognize me from the Nuketown mw2 server as I find it a good place to blow off some steam after dinner and a long day of work. I'm the only one who can say this - so FIRST

I don't like using killstreaks that annoy me which is why you won't see me using chopper gunner. I like to keep it simple - counter uav, predator, and precision airstrike. Enough to get kills with without making people leave 

Also when I'm in game, Nuketown is a NO FLY ZONE so sorry if I'm shooting down all your airstreaks  Heart Tongue

21, living in CT, USA. Working way too hard for what I'm paid during the day (hoping that gets changed with my yearly review coming up!), and wasting a lot of time at night on anime, youtube, and gaming in general  Big Grin

I drive a '07 Saab 9-3 convertible with only 35k miles I drove 300 miles to pick up in winter for since it was a price that literally made it a profitable investment even when I drive it. My other Saab which is my mom's I use when it's snowing Big Grin

After years of gaming on uber low settings on a pentium 4, I started my very own pc build once I got my first job 4 years ago. Since then, I've been upgrading and upgrading and recently got a new case as well which I was super hyped for. I think I hit end build status - Curious to see other's builds because no build is too small. Like I said, I gamed on uber low settings for most of my life so when I got the chance to spend my money saved on a beastly pc, I went for it and initially it was no where near this powerful and I didn't have the monitor either.[Image: pnlSt4s.jpg]

Specs: i7 5930k @ 3.5ghz, easily can go up to 4.3ghz which is amazing for a 6 core chip on a 120mm liquid cooler lmao
2x8 gb ddr4 2400 cl15 OC'd to 2666 (Can't go any higher, although was thinking to increase the clocks to cl16 and try to go up to 2800 or 2999.)
Gigabyte AORUS 1080ti - I've owned a lot of gpus buying and selling them the past year from /r/hardwareswap, and I finally nabbed this before the crypto spike for my monitor since my 1080 wouldn't cut it. The coolest and quietest card I've owned maybe
Monitor - Acer Predator x34 100hz gsync - I love it especially for movies. I upscale shows and movies from 24fps to 4x to 96fps and it makes action and camera panning sequences soooo smooth
240gb Sandisk boot drive, 3tb storage, 1tb from old pc
750w Antec (seasonic) 80+ gold psu

Case : Corsair 570x - My old case was the Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 - a very practical and large case but it had a very tiny window. It didn't matter to me 4 years ago when I first started since I wanted performance over rgb, but I got bored and really wanted a glass case and was looking at it for a few weeks and then it went on a good sale. It took me only 4 hours to transfer and wire everything up neatly, even with all the fan headers, info cable, and the led strips.

Corsair Silent Strafe keeb (mix between mx browns and reds, got it on a killer college sale)
Logitech g300s (when it broke, I was offered more expensive mice as a replacement but still only wanted this one. It was 2 programmable buttons on each top side which is so useful for RPG's being able to map different weapons or actions to each button)
Soundblaster external usb dac - I was getting static from my amp under the desk and the speakers attached to it. It handles the sub, center, and rear two speakers and was picking up coil whine and the only thing that fixed it was the external aspect of the dac so yay, but quite a headache to diagnose. 2 Bose desktop speakers handle the rear for full 5.1 surround sound
Chair - some staples chair thats like an office chair - I had a gaming chair at work but both my boss and I switched it out for a comfy office chair - When I'm in the office, I need to be comfy and back support is important. Gaming chairs are overrated!

RGB - 6x corsair HD120 rgb fans (sold some older fans and swapped some other lower end rgb fans for them)
4x corsair lighting strip thingy (Best buy pricing mistake, only like 20 bucks - they were supposed to TAKE 20 bucks off the retail price LOL)

All in all, I've saved at least a thousand bucks or more hunting for good deals and I'm really proud of that. 

For a non modular power supply, I think I did pretty well :
And here's a side shot :
And here's a nice aesthetic filtered shot I took :

So yeah, that's me - Haven't done a forum post in a while so hope I did fine ! See you around Smile
Quite the detailed introduction. Welcome to the Bandwidth Bandits forums! We hope that you enjoy your stay.

PS: Dope setup btw. I can see that you like RGB quite the bit Tongue
(05-11-2018, 02:42 AM)Mike Wrote: Quite the detailed introduction. Welcome to the Bandwidth Bandits forums! We hope that you enjoy your stay.

PS: Dope setup btw. I can see that you like RGB quite the bit Tongue

Thank you! I had zero rgb before I bought those led strips that were priced wrong. Like I had the programmable keeb but that's it. After that it eventually all went downhill. I used to think the rgb addiction jokes were just jokes, but oh it's a serious addiction
Holy crap man! Very nice and detailed introduction.

Love the fact that you run Killstreaks that keep you on the ground shooting instead of hiding in a corner while in a chopper. I might start running Anti-Air myself.

Glad to have you here hope you enjoy your stay! Smile

[Image: tumblr_o3u1dfzTqN1v9ez4qo1_500.gif]
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