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Ban Appeal
In-game name: c93

Server I was playing on: BB Mixed Maps 27/4 HC/C

Date and Time the ban may have occurred: 21/09/2018 23.40ish EST

The admin that may have banned me: were 2, Mike and another one, staring with M too

Sure it isn't the free slot plugin we have for clan members?: quite certain, were like 12/18 players

Any brief comments: Attached are the recordings of that game for iw4x theater

UPD. Form wont let me attach any files, so here are the links. Not sure if you need both files
Hi c93,

Before you are un-banned a senior staff member will have to scan your computer. I'm sorry for this inconvenience.

join our discord and ask for an admin to help you:

Also there's no way in hell im downloading a .json from you. Maybe upload them to youtube, but theater videos mean nothing cause it's not showing what you were doing in real time. You could turn off hacks load up theater and we'd never know.

The only way to get unbanned is to get scanned.

You have to consent to the scan. You are under no obligation to get scanned, but likewise we have no obligation to let you play on our server.
If you are going to sneak around my PC - don't even bother.
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