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MaXKiLLz banned from Skidrow 24/7 HC/C --
In-game name:  MaXKiLLz

Server I was playing on:  Skidrow 24/7 HC/C --

Date and Time the ban may have occurred:  10/3/18 9:00p (ET) (Can't remember exact time)

The admin that may have banned me: Unknown

Sure it isn't the free slot plugin we have for clan members?: Don't think so.

Any brief comments:  I had just completed a clean MW2 steam install and then installed IW4X. Played on your server a few times yesterday without a problem.  All of a sudden I was kicked out of the game with a window saying ESP ban.  Not sure what happened.  Would appreciate it very much if you could look into this issue.  I really enjoy playing on your lag-free servers.  Thanks in advance for your time and effort.
Unbanned after scan, welcome man Smile
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