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Sunny2456 Member Application
Real Name: Sunny Lalli

In-Game Name: Sunny2456

Age: 21

Country: USA

Discord Tag: Sunny2456 #4079 (I never use it since I haven't found a reason to. Teamspeak used to be my go to a couple years ago for clan chat in mw2)

Steam Username: Sunny2456

What game are you applying for?: MW2

How often do you play on our servers per week?: Almost daily, 1-3 hours after 9pm EST

Why are you interested in joining us?: You all seem like a bunch of cool guys and Odins was very friendly to me the first day I joined

Would you help pay for the servers?: Yeah, probably, like a few bucks a month.

Anything else we should know about you?: I have been in the pirated/modded mw2 scene since day 1 back when it was just a Zero Gear Crack and it was called Alteriw, and then Repz, and now iw4x. Spoke with NTAuthority last year and knew MaxDamage from the forums and I'm glad to hear he's still working on this game  Cool 

In the time between Alteriw and Repz, I bought a retail DVD copy of mw2 thinking it would be great, but boy that was terrible. It all ended when I got a VAC ban for trying to host a gun game server back when those mods were new and my pentium 4 cpu decided to make the VAC hider stop responding so my server showed as live and I got banned instantly. So much for trying to help the community lol. I liked hosting the ai zombies mod too but my favorite server from back in the day was ROLL THE DICE. Best mod period !
Thanks for applying! After discussing it with the other owners, we have decided to accept your application and offer you a spot in the clan. Please join the discord ASAP if you are not already in it.

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