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iw4x mw2 ban appeal by schapa
In-game name: Schapa
Server I was playing on: Can't remember (i play a bunch of random servers) but it probably was 24/7 Terminal
Date and Time the ban may have occurred: I don't even know, im pretty sure I wasnt in the server when banned, then suddently "You were previously banned for ESP". It surely happened 2-3 days ago
The admin that may have banned me: Don't know/care honestly, i was surely a mistake as I don't even know what a cheat looks like, never cheated in my life.
Sure it isn't the free slot plugin we have for clan members?: Yas
Any brief comments: I like this servers cause theres always some people on it, and it works smoothly, i would really apreciate the time taken on revision :).
(sorry for my bad english)
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