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Banned with no sufficient evidence.
[Moved cause I'm a moron]
In-game name: stayns

Server I was playing on: 24/7 skidrow HCC

Date and Time the ban may have occurred: 6:30 PM ish 10/30/2018

The admin that may have banned me: I'm not sure.

Sure it isn't the free slot plugin we have for clan members?: well idk if Reason: esp has anything to do with it so.

Any brief comments:

Pretty sure I was banned on a hunch that I had ESP, considering I check the map often, yet briefly, I tend to understand the general direction of a player and depending on where it is I will take shots at the area, there's little to no health if there's a chance I can take someone out through a wall I'm gonna take it.

There should be further inspection or evidence provided, cause I always go on BB servers when I play IW4X solely cause of the ability to wing it in every direction.
I.C. it was unjustified, just look at the map and shoot lmfao, that's what I've always done and I couldn't explain it further.

Also here's a video of me playing on a seperate server after the ban occurred; just to kinda show how I play.
Hey Stayns,

We thank you for your appeal. I can see that believe your were wrongfully banned. You were banned at an admins discretion for the suspicion of cheating. Due to the nature of the ban, your only option to appeal this is to have one of the owners scan your PC for any third party software that can be used to alter or infect IW4x. If you wish to proceed with this option, you may reach out to Sunny, Marty, Simba or myself on our discord ( and one of us will be able to help you.

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