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Unban Appeal by Razor506
[b]In-game name: Razor506

Server I was playing on: [US] Bandwidth Bandits Skidrow HC/C

Date and Time the ban may have occurred: 29/10/2018 I think was between 1am or 2am I think 12 hours ago.

The admin that may have banned me: Unknown the name of the admin it was too quick [BB]WickedJstr

Sure it isn't the free slot plugin we have for clan members?: I am not in a Clan

Any brief comments:[/b]  I dont know why I was ban for, the admin doesnt give a warn or something,
                         and the reason he say I was temporally banned for ESP, but well
                         I allways play with respect and clean, Sometimes I play too good cause I have a 50-65 ping
                         connection and I play in low graphics too thats why I have good fps, maybe he thing I was
                         cheating or something cause I was playing too good but I am even a regular player not too good, down
                         you can see a video of how I usually play soyu can see I dont need cheats to play.

Hey Razor, go ahead and play - There was an issue on our end so you have been unbanned. You are free to come hang out with us anytime at
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