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Ban appeal...
In-game name: Cheese

Server I was playing on: Bandwidth bandits mixed maps

Date and Time the ban may have occurred: 9th March 19 around 6pm EST

The admin that may have banned me: Don't know.

Sure it isn't the free slot plugin we have for clan members?: no

Any brief comments:

I have just been banned for no reason, people have assumed i was because i was spraying down towards spawn and clipping heads. i've played this game for many years, and i have became pretty good at it. I also play on a very large monitor which allows for better field of view and seeing distant targets. I was also accused of toggling hacks on/off when i was afk, when i was actually just trying to type in the in game chat. These accusations have happened once before and i was banned on a previous server. Because of this it has been taken in to account and used against on bandwidth bandits server. I dont find this to be fair, and I really enjoy playing the bandwidth bandits server.

Please give me the chance to play on this server again.
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